At the end of this web quest you should have a better understanding of Ayn Rand and the time period she had grown up in. Her background built the main focus for the book, Anthem, and brought to light the many different forms of Equality and his struggles.



4 3 2 1
Organized Legible handwriting with a clear picture filled with detail Legible handwriting with a somewhat clear picture with some detail Somewhat legible handwriting with an unclear picture with no detail No detail or clear handwriting
Creative Unique picture with color and looks like a lot of time was spent Picture with color and some originality Colorless picture with a some originality and uniqueness Colorless picture with no effort put into it
Grammar and Spelling Everything is spelled correctly and formatted right Little to no spelling errors and some incorrect grammar A collection of spelling errors and some grammar mistakes All of the explanation is unclear because of grammar and spelling mistakes
Required Information Uses the resources provided and 1 or 2 major themes are   completely and clearly explained Uses most of the resources provided and 1 or 2 of the major themes are briefly explained Some resources are used and 1 or 2 of the major themes are not clearly explained No resources are used and explanation includes none of the major themes provided
Total Points


Task: create a picture and describe what you think the setting of Anthem looks like. 

End Goal: Understand the major themes and be able to relate them to the author’s background and the time period.  



  1. After gathering the information listed in the web quest, choose a major theme that you think connects the historical context and the author’s previous life. 


  1. Create a picture using the description of the major theme to design what you think the setting of Anthem should resemble. 


  1. Underneath the picture write an explanation of your setting.